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Inhospitable but austere beauty, Namibia surprises! The special attraction is found in the vastness and splendor of its endless landscapes sparsely populated by humans. The exceptional abundance of wildlife, unique species of flora, the variety of its geology is an extraordinary natural heritage.

The Namib, which means "vast arid plain" is a desert ocher colored with high dunes sculpted by the winds. On land, sea or air Namibia offers exceptional extended continuously, majestic, immense.


The Fish River Canyon

fishrivercanyonIt is the 2nd largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon. Today the canyon measures 160km long up to 27km wide and almost 550m at its deepest. The immensity of this magnificent landscape is truly breathtaking. One of the most visited areas in Namibia.

The Kalahari Desert

kalahariThe Kalahari is a semi desert. It has more wildlife and vegetation than a normal desert. It has vast areas of sandy plains and areas of savannahs for the wildlife to survive on. The most common animals found are sprikgbok, antelope, kudu and some predators such as lions and jackals.

The Caprivi

CapriviThe Caprivi is a tropical area and takes its name from the Caprivi Strip. It is surrounded by 4 rivers – Chobe, Kwando, Linyanti and the mighty Zambezi. Due to all the rivers it makes a very rich wildlife area.


sesriencanyonLocated in the southern part of the Namib Desert the Sossusvlei is one of the biggest tourism destinations in Namibia.  The Sossusvlei is made up of salt and clay pans and of course the famous red sand dunes!  Hiking in the dunes is one of the main activities to do in the area, especially watching the sunrise from the top of the dunes! There aree many small desert creatures as well as larger animals such as gemsbok, Oryx and ostriches.  There are many luxury lodges to choose from in the area.


Damaraland2Damaraland has a rugged landscape of open grasslands, granite koppies and gorges. There is an abundance of wildlife in the area such as desert elephants, rhino and giraffe. There are many different safari lodges to choose from in the north and south areas of Damaraland.


Namibie Kaokoland 05Forms the northern border of Namibia with Angola.  Kaokoland is one of the least populated areas in Namibia but is a tourist destination as it is “capital” is Opuwa and it is close to the Etosha National Park.  The main population in this area consists of the Himba people.  The animals in this area are mainly the desert elephants, springbok, zebra, ostriches and kudu which have adapted to living in the dry, rocky and desert landscape. Accommodation in the area is mainly safari lodges.

Etosha National Park

eloshaThe greatest wildlife sanctuary in Namibia. The main characteristic of the park is its huge salt pan. There is a wide variety of animals and can always be seen at the many watering holes. Etosha National Park boasts some luxury lodges.

The Himbas

The Himbas Native to the Kaokoland region.  With little influence from the modern world this tribe has managed to follow its traditions and culture.  The Himba people are hunters and gathers; they have large herds of cattle and goats.  If you are wanting to know more about the culture of the local people then it is worth a trip into the villages to see how these people live.

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Southern Africa whispers to you of trips where dreams come true. Where you feel the shiver of the African bush, its desert, the mountains and its rivers, not forgetting the Southern African night sky whilst listening to the legends from the beginning of the world.

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We were born here, and we live here, and as our forefathers always taught us, this is ourland.

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