A land of white sandy beaches and wide open oceans!

Mozambique is the perfect place for a beach holiday, with its vast coastline there are many beautiful places to choose from!

Scuba diving, deep sea fishing or just snorkelling on the reefs are some of the main tourist attractions in this country, as well as all the seafood restaurants with fish straight from the ocean

The historical buildings on the Ilha De Mozambique are well worth a visit if you are wanting to know more about the history of the country.


Gorongoza National Park

GorongozaLocated in the centre of Mozambique. This national park is home to a huge diversity of wildlife. Gorongoza is made up of woodlands, savannahs and grasslands. It is a wonderful place to see all the different type of African animals.

Bazaruto Island

BazarutoBazaruto is a sandy island located south of the mouth of the Save river and the largest island on the Bazaruto Archipelago. The coral reefs and clear waters lend to some amazing snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Benguera Island

benguelaThe second largest island on the Bazaruto Archipelago. Its beautiful white beaches and luxury lodges make it the ideal holiday location.

Pomene Reserve

PomenePomene bay is situated on the most pristine beaches in Mozambique. This area is highly unpopulated ensuring the unspoilt area. The sea life is abundant and snorkelling or diving are the best ways to explore these waters.

Niasse Reserve

NiasseReserveSituated in the north of Mozambique this park boasts the greatest wildlife number in the country. The park is mainly covered in woodland with small parts being open savannahs. Photographic safaris are the most popular in the park. There are camp site and a few lodges in the park but a 4x4 vehicle is definitely needed.

Quirimba National Park

quirimbaThe Quirimba Archipelago consists of about 12 large islands in the north of the country. This is a very newly developed area with new beach lodges opening up.

Ilha de Mozambique

IlhedeMozambiqueA UNESCO world heritage site, and a very fast growing tourism destination. This town is rich in history for those tourists who want to know how things happened in the past. The town has many different accommodation options for tourists.


pembaPemba is a busy port in the north of Mozambique. The Pemba area offers some of the most beautiful beaches along the coast. It is a wonderful area to view all the sea life including dolphins and whales.

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