Botswana, Southern Africa discovered by the European public through certain television shows or conferences. Stories about animals, prolific discoveries of the Okavango Delta where the waters disappeared, Kavango River flowing from Angola and dying, evaporated, drunk by the thirsty sands of the Kalahari, awareness programs on free peoples, and the last Bushmen. But who really knows Botswana? British Bechuanaland protectorate until 1966, the country gained in quiet independence. The discovery of diamond fields in depth, Orapa changed the country's economy. More than 70% of foreign exchange comes from these rich deposits.

The prosperity of this country is also due to its political stability. Therefore, the Pula currency, became one of the strongest African currency. Botswana is a country easily accessible to travel alone or with modest financial means. The government, by setting excessive fees, hopes to limit the negative effects of mass tourism, as can be seen elsewhere. It remains, however, that if your means allow you to access a tour, you will not regret the expense incurred.

Indeed, the abundance and diversity of wildlife in Botswana is one of the last refuges of true wilderness.


The Okavango Delta

thedeltaThe delta has its own very unique ecosystem. It is thought to be one of the world’s largest inland deltas. The delta hosts a huge variety of animals on a permanent and seasonal basis. With Maun being on the edge of the delta it is a very popular tourist destination as all the camps are easily accessible from Maun.

Moremi Game Reserve

moremiThe Moremi Game reserve is a very contrasting reserve with wetlands on one side and very dry areas on the other. This provides a wonderful variety of animals in the reserve! This area is wonderful to see the African wild dog!


SavutiThis is the western corner of Chobe National Park. It is home to many predators and has an annual zebra migration.

Chobe National Park

chobeBotswana’s first national park and the park with the most wildlife diversity. Chobe is the best place to see elephants as they are one of the most popular animals in the park. Chobe has a number of safari lodges to choose from, from tented camps to luxury lodges.

Naxi Pan National Park

nxaiA fossil lake of about 40 square km. November to April is when Naxi Pan should be visited to see it in its beauty. The wildlife is abundant during those months as well.

Makgadikgadi National Park

makgadikgadiThe pans of the park fill with water during the rainy season and become wonderful watering holes for all the animals. There are wildebeest and zebra migrations during that time which are wonderful for any tourist to experience.

Kalahari Game Reserve

KalahariThe Kalahari Game Reserve takes up about 1/11th of the whole of Botswana. It is generally flat grasslands covering the sand dunes. There is a wide variety of game in the reserve ranging from lion and cheetahs to warthog and kudu. There are a few luxury camps and lodges in the area.

Transfrontier National Park

transfrontierLocated on the western border of the country, this National Park stretches into South Africa. It is known for its red sand dunes. The park is rich in animal and bird life and there are many “rest camps” and wilderness camps in the Park.

Why choose us at Sikiliza

Southern Africa whispers to you of trips where dreams come true. Where you feel the shiver of the African bush, its desert, the mountains and its rivers, not forgetting the Southern African night sky whilst listening to the legends from the beginning of the world.

Yes, we can give you these changes of scenery as Sikiliza is a tour operator founded and established in Southern Africa, by us who love this continent.

We were born here, and we live here, and as our forefathers always taught us, this is ourland.

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